Are Skinny Guys Stronger?


Many men have the misconception that skinny women are fragile simply because of their appearance. If someone doesn’t have a lot of muscle mass, it seems unlikely that they would be physically strong, doesn’t it? Wrong. A man’s lack of muscle mass does not automatically equate to a lack of strength. There are, in point of fact, a great number of frail-looking men in this world who are actually quite powerful. A look at some of the reasons why leaner men use bodybuilding supplement that can be as strong as their counterparts who have more muscle mass is presented here.

1. They Have Less Body Fat

One of the reasons why skinny guys are often stronger than their more muscular counterparts is because they have less body fat. When you have less body fat, you’re automatically going to be lighter and, in turn, stronger. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, so the less fat you have, the more muscle you’re likely to have in comparison. And since muscle is what gives you strength, it stands to reason that less fat equals more strength. 

2. They Have a Higher Percentage of Muscle 

Another reason why skinny guys are frequently stronger than bigger guys is that they generally have a higher percentage of muscle mass. That may not seem fair, but it’s just the way it is. Studies have shown that the average man has between 15 and 18 percent body fat while the average woman has between 25 and 28 percent body fat. This means that men naturally have less body fat than women and are therefore able to pack on more muscle without having to worry about storing excess body fat. And since more muscle equals more strength, it again follows that skinny guys are often stronger than bigger guys. 

3. They Don’t Lift as Much Weight 

You might not think this would make a difference, but it actually does. When you lift heavy weights all the time, your muscles become accustomed to lifting those weights and don’t have to work as hard to do so. This means that your muscles don’t get as strong as they would if you lifted lighter weights more frequently. Skinny guys tend to lift lighter weights more often than heavier weights, which results in them getting stronger over time since their muscles are constantly being challenged. 


When it comes to physical strength, we typically think of bulky guys with muscles upon muscles. But what about the skinny guys? Are they just as strong, or even stronger? The answer might surprise you. Thanks to their smaller waistlines and lower body fat percentages, skinny guys actually have an advantage when it comes to lower body strength. And when it comes to upper body strength, they might not be as strong as their muscular counterparts but they can definitely go for longer thanks to their better endurance levels. So next time you’re looking for a workout partner, don’t discount the skinny guy!

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